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Vacation Notice and Payment Policy

Vacations and Extended Absences

NJFA aims to provide a rounded experience to all fences at all levels and strives to create a balance of occupancy, scheduling, and instruction in each class. NJFA charges full month tuition for all months during the school year and does not put classes on hold due to vacation or school breaks. The only exception that NJFA makes with putting an account on hold is:

  1. If a fencer is injured and cannot attend classes longer than 3 weeks due to the injury

  2. If a fencer is a senior student that must take a break to work on college applications during the months of October through December

  3. During summer vacation time, classes can be put on hold, prorated or paid per attendance based on the fee schedule which is published in May of each year prior to the school summer break.

Any cancellation or change in a summer payment plan should be communicated by email to the club prior to your extended absence at least by 15th of the previous month.  Any fees that are collected due to your failure to notify via email will not be refunded and no credit will be issued.


Automatic Payments for Classes, Withdrawals, and Refunds

All NJFA classes are charged automatically at the beginning of the month. If a customer desires to withdraw from the class, he/she must notify in writing before the 15th of the current month to not be charged for the next month's class. There are no withdrawal fees. There is no prorated payment for the month when a customer wants to finish, so the fencer can attend the classes until the end of the month the fees were paid for.

However, as all NJFA classes are capacity limited if the customer decides to withdraw and notifies on or after the 15th of the current month, then the next month’s fees will be charged, and there is no refund or credit for these fees, including partial refund or credit based on prorated duration. The customer will be withdrawn from the month after that, and they can complete the training in the month that was charged.

Please also note that there might be some additional charges for services that were provided before withdrawal for which charges were not submitted yet. This might include charges for weapon repairs, private lessons, or strip coaching fees for competitions that the fencer registered for. Usually, these charges are made several weeks after the appropriate service was provided following the receipt of invoices for these services.

Holiday Schedule

NJFA is closed on holidays and some days during Summer Nationals per the published schedule. There are no prorated fees or refunds for the classes that occur on these days.


Important COVID-19 Information

All NJFA programs (classes, private lessons, and other activities) are conducted in strict compliance and in full accordance with New Jersey Health Recommendations.

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